At Sacred Grove Retreat Ropes Training we believe that the most underutilized asset of any organization is its human potential. Our Ropes Course develops that human potential by challenging participants to expand their possibilities. Our leadership development and team building programs utilize experiential learning to create self-awareness and build efficient, collaborative teams that align around the vision and mission of your organization.

Benefits of Participating in Elevate Experiential Education Ropes Course:

  • Empower employees to align behind your organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Develop critical thinking and innovative problem solving techniques
  • Build collaborative teams that communicate effectively
  • Create a safe and supportive work environment to increase employee retention
  • Establish multi-generational understanding and communication
  • Generate a fun experience for employees outside of the structured office environment

The Ropes Course was designed and constructed by Dan Miller of Chiji Team Dynamics. Dan has been a Ropes Course Facilitator for over 30 years. Working with a team of ACCT trained and certified facilitators, he offers Experiential Alternatives for Team Dynamics and Leadership Development personalized for your group.

Our team-oriented ACCT-approved challenge course is designed to bring teams together through both low and high activities. Book ahead now to experience the personal and team development exercises with the very best in safety and support.