It’s June and I am in such Gratitude for everything in my life. We got new pine straw on the path in the Fairy Forest. It’s so soft to walk on now and has made the habitat there even more magical. Blue Deer Center just had their second week here of teaching and I discovered that they talk to and communicate with the plant species on the land. The honoring of the trees and other plant species adds to raising the vibration and enhances the healing environment that is already here. We have another dance coming this weekend that will keep heightening the energy.It is such an honor that I get to be the caretaker of this special place on the planet. Having Jade as a business partner and Robbie,Trai, and Kerry living here to support the vision of the Grove is such a blessing.  The four-legged dogs, Murphy, Skippie, Frank, and Levi bring joy and unconditional love to all who visit.Our first Community Gathering Day is June 25, so come out and meet like-minded individuals and enjoy the land. Hope to see you then.In gratitude and with much love,Ellen
The Goddess of the Grove