07/28/2017 @ 9:00 am – 07/30/2017 @ 7:00 pm

Please join Pamela Sophia Rays, a John of God Light Therapist practitioner who uses the Applied Chromo Therapy Crystal living lights & sound bed from John Of God, Casa de Dom Inacio. Pamela received permission many years ago from John of God to be on his spiritual team.

The John of God Crystal Light Bed is an advanced chromatic healing therapy that uses rainbow colored light beams focused on the body through seven very pure quartz crystals. These crystals are born in a bed of water deep beneath the earth in Brazil…then sculpted under a waterfall…and are specially chosen by John of God who authorizes the Light Bed for use by select, trained therapists. The rainbow lights create a powerful combination of vibrational energies that resonate with and balance the subtle energy centers called Koshas (the aura). The chakras are also cleared and balanced to address many physical, emotional, and other concerns.

What to Expect:

You are lying on a massage table under the Crystal bed in the baby yurt for 1 hour. Meditative music is played to assist the body to relax and receive the maximum benefit. Many recipients report wonderful results after just one session. After the session, you will go to the Grove House, where you will be offered some grains & soup to help you ground. As part of the session, you will debrief with Pamela Sophia about your experience and she will tell you what intuitively came up for her and what healers were present during your session. Please wear all white or light colored clothing and plan on being here for two hours.

Please come to the Grove House at your session time and enter in silence.

We will be Running a current room in the Grove House where you will sit in silence as music and prayers are being read to stay in your process and be a medium holding space for whoever is under the Crystal bed. You will be working and receiving from Gaia, your guides, and the spirit doctors. Please do not hug or talk with others in the current room, as this may bring them out of their process. After you leave the Grove House, you are complete and it is ok to talk with others, enjoy the Sacred land or stay in your process.

Session Cost: $130.00

Schedule a Session: You can book your appointment with Pamela on her website which is www.onelightharmony.com.If you have questions for Pamela, you can contact her at 252-213-4713 or e-mail her at onelightharmony@windstream.net.

Information about the John of God crystal bed and how it works: