The Vortex

A vortex is created by spiraling spiritual energy and creates a space to facilitate prayer, meditation and healing. The vortex on site is encircled by a grove of pin oak trees from which the retreat center gets its name. The energy you feel when standing there is palpable to many and is very beneficial.

The Labyrinth

Labyrinths can be found etched into the floors of many old cathedrals in Europe. Our seven circuit outdoor labyrinth is lined with white stone and can be used for a walking meditation; for centering; for quieting the mind; for prayer; for healing; for problem-solving and for connecting with Spirit.

The Yurts

All of our celebrations, concerts and workshops are held in either the Grandmother Yurt or the Empowerment Yurt, both of them being 30 ft. circular structures. This modern adaptation of the ancient shelter used for centuries by Central Asian nomads offers unity and cohesiveness to participants, as well as creative inspiration.

  • Workshops, Weddings, Retreats
  • Heated and air conditioned
  • Wonderful acoustics
  • 6 ft. tables and chairs provided
  • When renting the Grove House, the Grandmother yurt can be rented for an additional $175 per night to be used as your gathering space. The Empowerment Yurt can be rented for the same price when renting the Log House. 

Fire Pits

The dazzling beauty of the bonfires is truly a highlight at the retreat center. An incredible sense of human connectedness moves amongst bonfire gatherers and continues long after the last ember has spent its energy.

Walking Trails

With gently rolling paths on-site, you can enjoy an early morning or late afternoon stroll around our 11 acres. As you walk the trails, you are escorted each step of the way by a deeply felt sense of peace and serenity. Let nature itself guide you along the way and you will always find your way back home.

Butterfly Garden

A beautiful spot for quiet reflection, this is where to go at the end of a beautiful day or just to relax.

Outdoor Kitchen/Shower

Designed for the comfort of our guests, this comes replete with 2 outdoor shower stalls, 2 composting toilets, 2 sinks, and a grill, for all your outdoor cooking and relieving needs.