Situated on 11 wooded acres, Sacred Grove Retreat combines natural beauty and comfort to provide a safe and supportive space for intimate events of all kinds: weddings, yoga, meditation, tai chi, personal growth, corporate and writer’s retreats and men’s or women’s retreats. Sacred Grove Retreat welcomes all people and offers a variety of facilities and packages to make your wedding or retreat memorable.

Visitors connect with nature by hiking scenic trails, taking a meditative walk on the labyrinth or enjoying the beauty of the butterfly garden.  After sunset, the stars are the backdrop for magical bonfires and drum circles. An extensive metaphysical library offers books for deeper knowledge on a variety of subjects.

Keepers of the Grove…

Ellen Whiteside has been blessed to be the owner/steward of Sacred Grove Retreat since May 2006. Ellen grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. After graduating from Clemson University, she moved to Washington, DC and worked for a year and a half. Saving her money, she left the country and backpacked through Europe for a year.  After returning from Europe, she settled in Portland, OR where she lived for 22 years and worked primarily as a licensed massage therapist. Ellen loves traveling and meeting people from other cultures and one of her favorite excursions was a 6 week trip to China, Tibet, Nepal, and Thailand. Needing more blue sky in her life, she moved back to the south in 2003. In May, 2006, she and her partner at the time, Tim Beebe, bought and moved to Sacred Grove Retreat. They worked tirelessly to beautify the land and raise its vibration. Ellen is a welcoming hostess and has that special ability to create rapport with whomever comes to the land. She loves creating a sacred space where all feel welcomed. Ellen is fondly called  the “Goddess of the Grove” by the others living on the land.

Since fall of 2015, she has been actively involved staffing the Gratitude Trainings, in Mooresville, NC. This Leadership development training changed her life and set her on a course of truly creating the life of her dreams. Part of the training included a Ropes Challenge Course day.  After that day, she decided that Sacred Grove should have a course and she partnered with Dan Miller of Chiji Dynamics to make it happen. The course was completed in 2016.


 Trai Hill is our resident carpenter and sometimes handyman. He lives on the property with his wife, Robbie, in a Tiny house that he built. If you hear power tools, Trai is probably behind it. He also makes drums and, should the need arise, he is an Ordained Minister.


Robbie Warren is a modern day Medicine Woman and a traditional Shaman who serves as a intermediary between this world and the spirit world. She holds ceremonies, rituals and healing with the aid of Spirit Guides following the cultural traditions passed down through generations.  Robbie is the Vision Keeper and Chief of the Fire Dance, a medicine dance given to her by the Ancestors.
Robbie has been living on the land at Sacred Grove for 4 years with her husband Trai and 4 legged companions, where she holds ceremony, teachings and gatherings for the community.

Kerry was born and raised less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach, California. From there she left for Texas to attend college at Baylor University on a track scholarship for the heptathlon where she earned many accolades including NCAA All American Honors and Texas Woman of the Year.  She stayed for 13 years in Texas until she decided to leave a career in forensics to pursue studies in medicine at Duke University in North Carolina. It was during this early time in North Carolina where she had a spiritual awakening and through the workings of The Divine she landed at Sacred Grove Retreat Center where she has been living peacefully and very gratefully for almost 4 years. Her top priority in life is her commitment and dedication to her spiritual path and being in service to others. She takes great pride in her work as a Physician Assistant in internal medicine shining her Light and providing deep care to Veterans at the nearby VA Medical Center. She is passionate about alleviating suffering and guiding her patients to lead healthier and happier lives. On a personal level she is passionate about good food, belly laughs to the point of tears, the ocean, and loving her friends and family.